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Our Newsletter

  • The Band was formed in 2002 and incorporated in the state of Maryland in 2004 as The Olney Jazz Troupe, Inc. and trades as The Olney Big Band. Under the musical leadership of Dr. Robert Tennyson, the Band provides an opportunity for both its musicians and vocalists to participate in a well-organized music ensemble.

  • In August 2006 the band started publishing a newsletter entitled In the Mood. Unfortunately although very popular with the general public, we ceased publication in 2013 because of budget restraints.

  • The early issues of In the Mood were produced by our former leader Dr. Rip G. Rice and former trumpeter Judge Robert E. Redding. They were remarkable men – read more about them in the issues of October. 2015 and December 2011, respectively. The newsletters’ wonderful layouts were done by our former vocalist, Brad Bawek.

  • While created to provide Olney Big Band musicians with general information about the band, the newsletter soon became a vehicle for spreading the word about Big Band music. In addition to items that are specific to OBB, there are many articles highlighting the performers and personalities that helped shape this wonderful American art form.

  • The four issues from 2012 document the first 10 years of the band’s adventures.

  • All of the newsletters are PDF.

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